DolmabahcetoParis 073 (2)

St. Anthony of Egypt in Istanbul

Prof. Herbst teaches courses on world history and world religions through the Making of the Modern World Program and History department, and courses on environmental topics, including wilderness seminars, which are open to all students at UC San Diego.


Students and faculty in class in Istanbul

The Making of the Modern World is a required general education world history sequence for students enrolled in UC San Diego’s Eleanor Roosevelt College.  This is a five-course sequence (MMW11 to MMW15) for students entering UC San Diego as freshmen and a two-course sequence (MMW121 and MMW122) for transfer students.  These courses are MMW11 Human Origins and Ancient Foundations, MMW12 Classical and Medieval Traditions, MMW13 New Ideas and Cultural Interaction 1200-1750, MMW14 Revolution, Empire, Industry 1750-1914,  and MMW15 The Twentieth Century and Beyond and the upper-division transfer-sequence MMW121 Exploring the Pre-Modern World and MMW122 Exploring the Modern World.

For MMW programs abroad,  see the Programs Abroad Office Global Seminar Page.

If you have questions, I welcome inquiries and conversations. We can even have coffee or lunch!

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