What is MMW?

The MAKING OF THE MODERN WORLD (MMW) is a general education world history and writing program required of all ELEANOR ROOSEVELT COLLEGE students at UC SAN DIEGO.    MMW is offered on campus and abroad on UCSD GLOBAL SEMINARS.  MMW has taught 38 programs abroad (2008-2020) on six continents to more than 800 students.  In addition, in 2017-18 MMW launched MMW SERVES,…

Wilderness & Human Values

Wilderness & Human Values Thomas Cole. Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. 1828. Consider taking this Environmental Studies Course in Spring Term: ENVR140 Wilderness and Human Values.      (4 units).   Spring 2020.  MWF 2-3pm Undergraduate TA positions also available.

Service in CA’s National Parks

This new program  is embedded within the Making of the Modern World general education world history program and combines a required course with a Spring Break 2020 experiential component in Yosemite National Park in Northern California and Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California, while learning about the diverse human and natural history of the region.