Academic Projects

For Dr. Herbst’s most recent study, see “Journey to the Center of the World:  Memory and the Sacred in the Colorado Desert,” in World History Connected Vol. 20/no. 2 (Summer 2023), pp. 1-33. He has another study on the Colorado Desert forthcoming in 2024.

For a comparative look on a monumental site, see his recent “Hagia Sophia: Bridge Across Time” in Asia in World History: Comparisons, Connections, and Conflicts (Education about Asia, Vol. 26/3).

Other writing projects in progress include a study of the Sixth Century in World History, and another on inter-group relations in the late antique Balkans.

Dr. Herbst’s academic interests span environmental humanities (particularly in desert environments), experiential education, ancient history, wisdom traditions, early Christianity, Byzantium, and disability history. He also specializes in the pedagogical leadership of academic programs and of “away” programs, both domestic and international.