Humanities in Italy 2023

This summer 2023 program focuses on the revival and influence of classical culture in the early modern period, through extensive engagement with the city of Rome as well as in Florence.  

The Global Seminar contains two courses.  One (HUM 3) examines the revival of classical learning and ideals during the Renaissance, and traces subsequent developments through the Protestant Reformation and Scientific Revolution in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  The second course examines IMG_8322the long history of Rome, from its origins in the second millennium BCE to its present incarnation as a national capital that is also the center of a religious movement with more than one billion adherents across the globe.  In this sense, Rome remains an “eternal city” or  caput mundi (world capital).  This course  provides the broader context for our study of the early modern period and the global interconnections that emerged.

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