Global Antiquity/Middle Ages

HILD20R is a fully-online UC World History course.   

IMG_0690HILD20R World History I (Antiquity to 1200CE) is an introductory survey of world history, beginning with the transition from the Paleolithic era to the Neolithic Revolution and moving on to the emergence of cities and the formation of ancient and classical civilizations across the globe. This course presents a broad exploration of formative cultures and civilizations,  their collapse, and transformation into post-classical or medieval forms, which, while distinct from their predecessors, continued to be influenced by them. The course traces religious and intellectual foundations of antiquity and explores the emergence and spread of new religions across Afro-Eurasia and their socio-political and cultural impact. HILD20R concludes with the era of the Crusades in the Mediterranean and that of the Song Dynasty in East Asia up to the emergence of Mongol power across Eurasia.