Transfer Year Experience

UC San Diego’s Eleanor Roosevelt College invites incoming transfer students to enroll in ERC2 Transfer Year Experience in Fall 2021.    

This course is designed for new transfer students at UC San Diego and provides critical skills and valuable resources to facilitate engagement and foster academic success and personal enrichment.  This is a 2-credit course with one hour of faculty-led lecture (Wednesdays,  4-4:50) and one hour of student-led discussion section each week. The course is taught by Matthew Herbst, Faculty Director of the Making of the Modern World Program, with discussion sections led by transfer students further along on their academic journey who have received specialized training.  There are TYE courses in each undergraduate college at UC San Diego.  Topics include:  Professional development and career readiness, internships, work study, research opportunities, enrichment opportunities, wellness, community connections and involvement, enrollment advice, and basic needs.

Research indicates that students who complete a such a course are more likely to engage in collaborative learning activities, interact more frequently and confidently with faculty, and perceive their campus environment as being more supportive.