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ENVR 141: Wilderness & Human Values Application – Winter 18

ENVR 141 will be taught on Wed. 4-5:20pm and is a prerequisite to serve as  an undergraduate Teaching Assistants for ENVR140 in Spring Quarter (MWF 3-4).  

Email your completed application to Karla Kastner, Env Studies minor coordinator, at by Dec. 1, 2018. 
Name:  ____________________________    PID:  ______________________________________________

Major:___________________________     Minor (if any):_____________________________________

Cumulative GPA:  _____________________     Number of units completed:  _______________

PART ONE:  Please read and initial next to the following statements:

____    I understand that this is an initial application to participate in ENVR 141 and that enrollment in ENVR 141 does not guarantee that I will serve as a discussion leader for ENVR 140 in the Spring.

____    I understand that if I am selected to TA, I must meet the university criteria of a 3.0 cumulative GPA and upper-division standing (90 or more units completed).

____    I understand that if I am selected to TA, the program has the following TA policy:  the first time a student is selected to TA for Environmental Studies, they will earn 4 units of academic credit through ENVR 195 (P/NP).

PART TWO:  Please answer the questions below.  You can type your answers into this document.  Include your name at the top of each page.

  1. Why do you want to take ENVR141 (Winter 2018) and serve as an undergraduate TA in ENVR140 Wilderness and Human Values (Spring 2018)?
  2. Why are you a good candidate for this opportunity? Describe any relevant teaching or other experiences, course work, skills, abilities, etc., which would help you in this role.
  3. How will you fit ENVR141 and ENVR140 into your schedule and academic plan?
  4. Attach a current resume to your application.
  5. Include the contact information for two references. This could include professors, teachers, employers, club advisors, TAs, UC staff, etc.

Reference #1:

Reference #2:

PART THREE:  Submit Your Application
Please email your completed application document to Karla Kastner, Env Studies minor coordinator, at by Dec. 1, 2018.     

**ALL applicants will be notified through their UCSD email in Fall term. **

For questions, please contact:
Matthew Herbst, Associate Teaching Professor, Eleanor Roosevelt College
Director, Making of the Modern World Program,
Contact:  (858) 822-4859 / /

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