On-Line World History Course

IMG_0690Prof. Herbst is developing a grant funded on-line World History course: HILD20 World History I.  

HILD20 is a fully-online 4-credit University of California course (for all campuses) that will be available in 2018.  This course provides an introductory survey of world history, from the Neolithic Revolution and the emergence of cities to the formation of classical civilizations across the globe, followed by their collapse and transformation into post-classical, or medieval, forms.  The course exams political, cultural, and economic inter-connections between regions, explores the development and spread of religious traditions, examines the human-environment relationship, and concludes in the twelfth century in the age of the Crusades in the greater Mediterranean region and the Song Dynasty in East Asia, before the emergence of Mongol power across Eurasia.

Prof. Herbst is also building a non-credit course, available globally and for free, designed for anyone seeking a better understanding of world history, from students preparing for AP World History to those who want to know more about this fascinating topic.   This is UCSD’s Making of the Modern World Program‘s global educational outreach.  The project is funded by edX, in partnership with UCSD Education Technology Services and Office of On-Line and Technology Enhanced Education.   If you are an experienced teacher with interest in serving on the Advisory Board, please contact Prof. Herbst.

World History Teacher Advisory Board:

Christie Blakley, Social Studies Teacher, Fremont High School, Oakland, CA

Megan Calvin, History Teacher, Lone Peak High School, Highland, Utah

Katie Durham, Social Studies Teacher, C.K. McClatchy High School, Sacramento, CA

Rob Hallock, History Teacher, Sammamish High School, Bellevue, WA.

Brian Hussey, Social Studies Teacher, Broadneck Senior High School, Annapolis, MD

Roxanne Pompilio, Digital Teacher Leader AP World, Teacher School of Creative and Performing Arts, San Diego, CA

Vicki Deniston Reed, Social Studies Teacher, Central High School, Omaha, NE

Kevin Witte, Social Studies Teacher, AP World History Consultant, Kearney High School, Kearney, Nebraska

Priscilla Zenn, Social Studies Teacher, Allen Park High School, Allen Park, MI

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