MMW Serves – Navajo

hogan_and_sweat_lodge-12791716_stdMMW Serves
— Navajo Nation

MMW Serves is a service experience embedded within the Making of the Modern World general education world history program. MMW Serves combines academic preparation, experiential learning, and volunteer service.   A specially-designed MMW14 and/or MMW122 seminar will provide the necessary academic preparation, situating the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of the region in a comparative and global MMW context, while fulfilling standard MMW learning navajonationmonumentvalley-6182014-13753_panoramicobjectives.   The course will be co-taught by MMW Director Matthew Herbst and Ross Frank, Professor of Ethnic Studies.   After completion of the 4-credit MMW course in winter quarter, students and faculty in MMW Serves will travel to the Navajo Reservation, the largest in the United States, for a week of intercultural learning and service over spring break.

Applications for MMW Serves will be posted in Fall 2017.   Space is very limited.




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