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navajo-pow-wow-04MMW Serves — Navajo Nation 

MMW Serves is a service experience embedded within the Making of the Modern World general education world history program. MMW Serves combines academic preparation, experiential learning, and volunteer service.   A specially-designed MMW14 and/or MMW122 seminar will provide the necessary academic preparation, situating the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of the region in a comparative and global MMW context, while fulfilling standard MMW learning objectives.   The course will be co-taught by MMW Director Matthew Herbst and Ross Frank, Professor of Ethnic Studies.   After completion of the 4-credit MMW course in winter quarter, students and faculty in MMW Serves will travel to the Navajo Reservation, the largest in the United States, for a week of intercultural learning and service over spring break.

Applications for MMW Serves will be posted in Fall 2017.   Space is very limited.

The estimated cost for the MMW Serves spring break program is $600.

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