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MMW Serves – San Diego


MMW Serves requires academic preparation in winter term before the experiential component with Refugee organization and communities over spring break 2019. Enrollment is very limited. 

  • Academic Preparation (Winter 2019):  Successful completion of the MMW preparatory seminar is required for participation in the program.  Successful applicants must enroll in and pass the special 4-credit MMW14/122 seminar.  Pre-reqs: MMW12 & 13 (for students who entered UCSD as freshmen) or MMW121 (for transfer students).  If you have taken MMW14 or 122, you are ineligible for MMW Serves.
  • Cost: There is a $150.00 non-refundable deposit due upon your acceptance into the program in fall term.  The total fee for the program is $300.00 and includes transportation, activity costs, and meals for the Spring Break program.  Final payment is due in winter term and is non-refundable.  
  • Application and Deadline:   Submit your completed application to the MMW Office  front desk on the 2nd floor of the ERC Admin building.   Deadline: Nov. 8, 4pm.


FIRST & LAST NAME                       PID                             PREFERRED GENDER                                       


MAJOR(S) & MINOR(S)                                                                                                        CLASS STANDING:    □ FRESH    □ SOPH    □ JR    □ SR                                                                                                                                                       EXPECTED GRADUATION:   

TRANSFER STUDENT:    □ Yes         □ No     

LOCAL ADDRESS                                                      EMAIL                                                    PHONE NUMBER  


II.  SEPARATE PAGES WITH YOUR TYPED RESPONSES TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:   Make sure that your name is on each sheet.  Use standard 12-point font.

1.     Why do you want to participate in MMW Serves? How will you contribute to the group, course, and intercultural service experience?

2.     Describe your community service and intercultural experience.   How does this program relate to any previous experience, to your college career, or to future plans?

3.     What do you hope to gain from this experience?

4.     Describe yourself, your strengths, and your personality.  How do you work in a group? This program requires flexibility and a willingness to embrace uncertainty.   How will you manage this?  

5.     Submit names, title, and contact information (address, phone, email) for two references.   How do you know these references (teacher, supervisor, group leader, etc.)?

NOTE:  Your UCSD academic and conduct record will be reviewed to ensure that you are in good standing.

Questions?  MMW Serves: Prof. Matthew Herbst

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