versailles-0141.jpgProf. Herbst was an inaugural faculty member of UC San Diego’s faculty-led Global Seminars abroad in 2008.  Global Seminars are 5-week, 8-unit, 2-course programs with ~25 students. Since then, the Making of the Modern World Program has brought ~900 students abroad on its 38 programs on every continent except Antarctica.  Prof. Herbst has led 15 international programs:

11 GLOBAL SEMINARS:   France (2008), Turkey (2009 – 2012), England (2013), Thailand/Cambodia (2014), New Zealand (2017), Italy (2018), Australia (2019), Japan (2020).

4 OTHER PROGRAMS IN TURKEY:  Two Spring Break Intercultural Service Programs with UCSD undergraduate students (2013, 2014) and two three-week National Endowment for the Humanities Summer World History Institutes for secondary education teachers (2013, 2015).

For MMW programs abroad and other Global Seminars, as well as other opportunities abroad, visit the Programs Abroad Office website.

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