MMW – High Sierras

campingThis summer hybrid Global Seminar sets the High Sierras in the context of environmental and world history.   The program combines two courses (8 units total), one Environmental Studies course and one Making of the Modern World course:  ENVR142 Wilderness and Human Values and MMW14 or MMW122 in Summer Session. The classes are taught remotely, except for the onsite component.   The program includes round-trip ground transportation from UCSD with all food, lodging, and equipment included for the outdoor component in the High Sierras, including at Yosemite National Park.   This program focuses on engagement with the natural environment and explores the conservation and preservation movements, the exploitation of natural resources, issues of water in California and World history, climate change and fire, outdoor engagement and well-being, environmental justice and environmental racism.   You do not need outdoor experience, but you do need a willingness to be entirely together in a group for two weeks, to lodge in rustic settings and in tents, to hike each day, to backpack, and to participate in other outdoor activities in the high elevation setting.  Details will be posted soon.  Space is very limited.