Discussion Leader Positions

First Year Experience – Undergraduate Discussion Leader Positions for ERC1 – First Year Experience & ERC2 – Transfer Year Experience, Eleanor Roosevelt College 

Are you interested in academic leadership and teaching opportunity serving as a Discussion Leader for the freshman or transfer First Year Experience Course in Fall 2021?  If so, please read the following information.

Recruitment has closed for Fall 2020 and will open again for Fall 2021 Opportunities. 

Applications are due in January 2021 to ERC Provost’s Office (3rd Floor) or the MMW Office (2nd Floor) in the ERC Administrative Building or by email (in PDF or MS Word formats only) to ERC Program Analyst Burcu Tanyeri at btanyeri@ucsd.edu

Questions? Contact Prof. Matthew Herbst, MMW Director, at mtherbst@ucsd.edu


  • Successful candidates must be in good academic standing and have completed 90 units by the beginning of Fall 2021.
  • Successful candidates must have completed MMW by Fall 2021.
  • All Discussion Leader candidates are required to successfully complete a 7-week training in weeks 3-9 during Spring 2021. Training location: Thurgood Marshall Conference Room 127. All FYE DL candidates will be paid for the spring training.
  • First-time DLs receive 2-units of course credit for ERC1 or ERC2. Returning DLs are paid.
  • NOTE: some departments prohibit students from holding a concurrent job. If you are employed at UCSD, check with your existing supervisor.


  • Successfully complete the Spring training session (Spring 2021)
  • Attend all Discussion Leader meetings (Fall 2021)
  • Attend all lectures of ERC1 (Fall 2021)
  • Lead one discussion section, 1 hour per week (Fall 2021)
  • Assist with grading and proctoring for the course (Fall 2021)
  • Hold office hours, 1 hour per week (Fall 2021)
  • Other duties as needed, such as administrative duties, quizzes, and preparation for sections (Fall 2021)

For more information, visit fye.ucsd.edu.

First Year Experience Course Discussion Leader Application

Please provide the following information: 

Name ________________________________                     PID__________________ Major: ________________________

Current Address _____________________________________________

Email __________________    Primary Phone Number: ___________________

Have you ever participated in an FYE course?                                         □ Yes □ No

Are you a returning FYE Discussion Leader?                                           □ Yes □ No

Are you a transfer student?                                                                        □ Yes □ No

Which FYE course do you prefer to teach for?        □ Freshman □ Transfer □ No Preference

Will you have completed the MMW sequence by Fall 2021?                  □ Yes □ No

Will you have completed 90 UCSD units by the beginning of Fall 2021?  □ Yes □ No

Other College(s) attended (if any): ______________________

To apply submit:  1] this signed application form, 2] a current CV, and 3] answers to the following questions on a separate document: 

Employment and/or Volunteer Experience

Please print and attach this form along with a current cv and the following information:  

  1. Why do you want to be a First Year Experience Discussion Leader?
  2. In your opinion, what qualities and skills would make an effective Discussion Leader? What would you like to accomplish in this position?
  3. Why do you believe you would make a good First Year Experience Discussion Leader?
  4. Explain any relevant experience, including teaching or tutoring experience, organizational involvement, leadership, etc.
  5. Submit names and contact information for two references.


Applicant Signature                                                                                              Date 

Submit this application to the ERC Provost’s Office (3rd Floor) or the MMW Office (2nd Floor) in the ERC Administrative Building or by email (in PDF or MS Word formats only) to ERC Operations Specialist Burcu Tanyeri at btanyeri@ucsd.edu in January 2021.

For more information, visit fye.ucsd.edu