Disability & Human Rights

istockphoto-purchased2ERC87 Disability and Human Rights

Winter and Spring 2019

This first-year seminar focuses on the long struggle for access and equality by people with disabilities and for the recognition of their civil and human rights.   The seminar explores cultural perspectives on disability, the historical treatment of people with disabilities, and the legacy of that treatment.  The class also examines the mechanisms of cultural change and organizations which have worked to create a more inclusive society.


In 2013 and 2014, Professors Matthew Herbst and Lisa Porter taught a seminar on disability & Turkish history and took the class to Istanbul to volunteer with disability-related NGOs and schools:  Türk Anneler Derneği Özel Eğitim IMG_3448ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi in Florya, Özel Eğitim Merkezi in Yeşilköy, İTO Özel Eğitim Merkezi in Bağcılar, Istanbul University, and İnsan Toplum ve Teknoloji Derneği.

IMG_3495These programs were personally meaningful and pedagogically powerful, kindling student interest in Turkish culture and inspiring a commitment to work for the inclusion of peoples with disabilities around the world.

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