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Welcome! As a professor at the University of California San Diego, my professional endeavors are dedicated to undergraduate education.  Through this work, I seek to show how the study of the past offers insight into our world today and furnishes critical perspectives and pertinent lessons for those willing to inquire.   With these goals in mind, I direct a world history program, teach courses, lead programs abroad, and support other projects and initiatives that broaden horizons and deepen intercultural understanding. Another aspect of this work is my effort to connect students with natural environments through experiential seminars in the mountains and deserts of Southern California, where we examine historical and cultural perspectives on the natural world.

I welcome ideas, suggestions, inquiries, and conversations through which we get to know one another and you help me to become a better professor and, hopefully, a better person, while having a more meaningful impact at UC San Diego.  And so, let’s chat. We can even have coffee or lunch! I wish you all the best.

Sincerely, Professor Herbst

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  1. Laura Henson says:

    Dr. Herbst, I attended your lecture last December at the SDMA and fell in love with Istanbul and the Ottoman Empire. Do you ever lead tours of Turkey that are not associated with UCSD or for non-students of UCSD?
    Thank you, Laura Henson

    1. ucsdherbst says:

      Dear Ms. Henson– Thank you for your message. I had intended to develop one for 2014 but was already committed to a number of other projects and needed to postpone. I do hope to offer this in 2015 or 2016. Please email me and I can follow up with some more information. I hope to see you at the next SDMA lecture in January 2015. Sincerely, MTH

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